Melograno 2005 - Another cold winter and another even heavier snowfall at the end of February. The vines started budding for the equinox, 20 March, when the soil temperature increased above 10º C. May was sunny, dry and hot, consequently flowering arrived early, on the 26th. The dry climate combined to a good water supply resulted in an excellent fruit set. July, though, saw record rainfall: 117mm with temperatures well below the seasonal average. The resulting abundant vegetative growth slowed down the lignification and ripening processes and simultaneously encouraged fungal diseases and insects. The harvest thus was forseeably troublesome: only prompt action and the exceptional healthy conditions of the vineyards salvaged this harvest. Yields were maintained between 0.5 and 1 kg per vine.
The wines are good with exceptional fragrances: fresh and enticing notes of red fruits and pepper, light-bodied yet certainly not lacking in depth, a sleek and pleasant wine.
Grape blend: Syrah, Ciliegiolo, Pinot Noir, Maraccina, Carrarese.
(Espresso: 16.5/20)