Melograno 2006 - Low temperatures during a somewhat cold winter; it snowed even if less abundantly than the previous years. Bud break was late and did not start until the 10th of April when the temperature suddenly rose above seasonal averages. A dry year with little rain spread over many days; hot conditions that increased steadily to peak with 36 days above 30º C over a period spanning June and July. The result was a limited fruit set and consequently a lower cluster weights, below those of 2005. Some rain fell in August, the temperatures fell - especially the minimum temperatures - slowing down the polyphenolic evolution but favouring aromatic development. September was marked by sunny and very hot weather: one couldn't ask for better conditions. In contrast to 2005, the harvest period was more serene with the weather staying good throughout.
A wine whose great qualities are its sincerity and a clear-cut expression.
(Espresso: 15.5/20)