Melograno 2008 - After a warm and dry winter, the anxiety for the drought conditions was drowned in a particularly rainy spring. From the 4th of March to the 18th of June, fifty centimetres of rain fell; the beginning of May saw a short 10-day respite but otherwise there were not more than two consecutive days without rain. With humidity reaching unprecedented levels - the leaves dripped water all night - the conditions were perfect for the development of downy mildew, causing a 40% loss to our production. The late grape varieties resisted to these conditions better, especially those exposed favourably. Their yields were not much affected by conditions, if not for a slight decrease given by the lower fruit set caused by the rainy weather during flowering. It did not rain from the 18th of June to the 22nd of September, granting us the warmth which we had missed in spring. Veraison at the end of July led to an early harvest with yields of 1 kg per vine plant and wines with an exceptional density.
A great vintage: the wine is direct, forthright, expressive in its fresh fruit and spicy fragrances, there are no heavy tannins to deal with but the palate offers a complex structure, finishing with tasty notes of pepper and spice.
Grape blend: Syrah, Carrarese, Ciliegiolo.
(Espresso: 17/20)