Quality wine from organically grown grapes

The territory

5 hectares of vineyards surrounded by a pristine forest

In this area between the Apennines and the Apuan Alps, each wine is an expression of the area and the forest that surrounds the vineyard. The choice of vines was not easy but in this case the territory, microclimate and southern exposure led me to prefer wines of extreme finesse.


How it all began

Luigi Da Prato and his brother Persio Da Prato. Tenth anniversary of “Gigi Bar” Venezuela.
Giorgio Da Prato (the grandfather), Maria Grazia (the mother) and Vilma (the grandmother) behind the counter of "Edibles and other genres" from the 60s

Podere Còncori was born from the ambition of my father Luigi Da Prato who in the 1950s began a journey or rather an adventure: producing wine. The origins of my family span generations from carpenters to painters to innkeepers, cooks...wine has always been part of this world. Wine was produced for snacks and Luigi kept it in demijohns.

Our selection

The wines



The name Melograno originated years ago during a stroll through the vineyards with the esteemed friend and fervent admirer, Gino… Veronelli.
The ruby red color is bright with light, the aromatic profile is direct, intriguing, lively and expressive: red berries, black cherry, pepper and aromatic herbs, the same ones found in the vineyards. Rhythm, freshness and instinctive drinkability, like a beautiful song that you listen to over and over again without ever getting tired, so you finish the bottle in a few minutes.

Pink Syrah


Giovanni Pascoli came with his buggy to the family tavern, he ate the trout while sipping the wine from the Fiattone hills, this wine is dedicated to the history of my family, to culture and conviviality…
Since I have a past as an innkeeper, I produce my wines always thinking about pairings with food and this wine represents the idea well, juicy and elegant with a great drinkability.



One of the best interpretations of Syrah in Italy.
Born in the historic vineyard that belonged to the great-grandparents. Its extreme slope of the 70% on the Serchio river provides ventilation and temperature range favoring a perfect ripening of the grapes which acquire a beautiful complexity. The lands facing south are rich in silica, sandstone and pebbly stone.

… This is not a good wine, it is a great Syrah Quote “From cesare al Casaletto” Mr. Alessandro)

Tastings with lunch or by the glass: we offer our visitors a visit to our cellar with a tour of the vineyard where we explain the history of the company and our biodynamic method. Aperitifs in the vineyard and cooking class where you will be involved in the creation of homemade pasta, pulled by hand, with the sauce of our datterini tomatoes.
Private events such as weddings or birthdays, immersed in our vineyards.

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